Thank you, Mrs. Hanbury

 On last week’s post I referenced the City School Board meeting where I was introduced.  I don’t know if you watched it, but I had the chance to say a few words.  I expressed my gratitude toward the many people who’ve gone out of their way to make me feel welcome in my new position – the City School Board and Superintendent, FCPS leadership, the Providence community, PTA, staff, students, etc.

But there was huge (though unintentional) omission, and it’s been on mind ever since.  Joy Hanbury did so much to ensure a great transition for me, sharing her knowledge and insights on multiple occasions and encouraging opportunities for me to meet the staff and students before the year ended.  Always there to answer my questions, I can’t imagine a more gracious and supportive leader.  Parents, you already know about Mrs. Hanbury’s dedication, and her support of me is probably no surprise to you.  Even so, it’s pretty amazing.  Thank you, Mrs. Hanbury!


We had our second RAP on Wednesday night, and Mrs. Miller and I had the pleasure of meeting 15 more students!  We’re hoping to meet more (or see some again) next Friday.  Have a great week.



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