Winding Down and Gearing Up!

Today marks the last day of Jump Start & Young Scholars!  As stated in previous blog posts, it’s a tremendous program.  Teachers, THANK YOU for your great work and smiles.

This week, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Miller, and I joined several Providence teachers at a very thorough training on using the Responsive Classroom approach for teaching students good social skills.  Parents, you’ll be learning more about it during the school year.  Get excited!  Next week, a team of teachers will be meeting to discuss data and brainstorm ideas for our School Plan and the year ahead.   Yes, we are gearing up!

courtyard bench

Special thanks to the Burke Target store employees for donating materials and their time to build a bench with planters in our courtyard.  We placed it in a nice shady spot!



One response to “Winding Down and Gearing Up!

  1. WOW! What an amazing and invested principal. Beautiful page, beautiful website, beautiful school!

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