First Week!

DSCN0945We’re all a little downtrodden that the rain washed away our Family Picnic plans.  Thanks to the PTA and the many parent volunteers for their wonderful planning.  Sorry it didn’t come to fruition.

About the week:  Parents, it’s been a great one!  On Thursday Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Brown and I held assemblies for all students and showed them video and pictures of themselves or their peers doing great things (learning and participating in class, helping younger students at dismissal, showing great behaviors in the hall, cafe, etc.).   We also talked a little about our Hopes & Dreams for the year.  This topic of discussion is happening in every single classroom as well through our Morning Meetings (see picture above).  Morning Meetings happen nearly every day and give teachers and students the chance to build relationships with each other, set up and maintain a supportive climate, and incorporate activities related to teambuilding or academic studies.  Ask your child about Morning Meetings!

Special thanks to all teachers.  This week they gave up their own lunch times to eat in the cafe with students – ALL WEEK!  I haven’t worked in a school where staff did this before.  Pretty amazing level of dedication and interest in getting to know their kids.



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