Student Council Induction Ceremony


Today room representatives and officers were inducted in our S.C.A.   We had a wonderful and respectful ceremony where we honored the election process and prepared for the work ahead.  Thanks to Ms. Farmer, 6th grade teacher, and Ms. Patrizi, art teacher, for giving their time to sponsor this year’s SCA.   They’ve got great ideas for ways to serve the school and community, and even the cold, wet weather couldn’t dampen these students’ spirits!  Thanks to all parents of students who ran for an elected position.  Your encouragement and commitment to teaching your kids the value of service has a major impact on Providence.


2 responses to “Student Council Induction Ceremony

  1. It was a beautifully done ceremony. Thanks for making it a special event for the SCA, the student body, and the parents.

  2. Ms. Patrizi and I are so proud of all of the SCA Officers and Representatives. We are excited about working with this enthusiastic and positive group of student leaders! Stay tuned for more SCA events…

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