Celebrate Our Families

Before we highlight our great evening, I’d like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Assistant Principal Mary Miller.  Beginning this summer, she will begin her new job as principal of Brookfield Elementary School.  Mrs. Miller is an amazing administrator, and Providence will miss her dearly.  The kids, community and staff at Brookfield, however, could not be more fortunate.  Congratulations, Mrs. Miller!

 As you know, tonight was Family Heritage Night. An overflowing audience enjoyed music and food representing a variety of nations and cultures followed by a beautiful Fashion Show. The evening was a tremendous success! An event like this required a great deal of planning and preparation. Special thanks to our music department, Mrs. Schraa, Mrs. Key & Mrs. Iooss and our event chairperson Ms. Bowen.


One response to “Celebrate Our Families

  1. While we had a lovely evening, I hope that next year there will be an effort to more accurately reflect the schedule.

    When the music ran over its scheduled time by 30 minutes, some people left in the middle of the performance to go to the tasting session. Those of us who stayed for the entire performance missed all the food, which was gone by the time we got there. And with these delays, the fashion show did not start until after 8 PM – a little late for the youngsters.

    Again, we love heritage night and have attended in the past. Just hope there can be a little better coordination moving forward.

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