Sing Along With Mrs. Schraa!


I hope you enjoy this, our first ever embedded video on the blog. Mrs. Schraa made this with a class in music. And, yes, that’s the kids singing.

This past Monday afternoon Providence teachers participated in a regular training that involved using technology and engaging imagery to strengthen students’ learning of the curriculum.  This is just one of many projects that teachers worked on with their students.  I share it here for a few reasons.             1.  I want to highlight the fact that music, art and physical education teachers use technology in their teaching.  2.  Teachers here are committed to ongoing training and the sharing of good ideas with each other.  3.  I thought you might like to hear something on the blog!

We hope you enjoyed Movie Night!


Video created by Ms. Schraa and our kindergarten students


One response to “Sing Along With Mrs. Schraa!

  1. Mmmmm….. that pumpkin stew sounds mighty tasty! Thanks for sharing that, Mr. Kraft!

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