Our Winter Music Concert! / Patterns of Thinking

This week was a very exciting week for all of the 4th, 5th and 6th grade students who are involved in one of Providence’s three music programs.  Our Providence Band, Strings and Chorus performed in their Winter Concert this week. The musicians performed an “in house” concert for their upper grade classmates during the school day, and then gave a spectacular performance Tuesday night for parents and families.

The in house concert is an excellent time for third grade students to see if learning the violin or other string  instrument might be something they would like to do next year. It also gives the fourth graders a chance to hear how Chorus and Beginning Band sound, and to decide if one of these musical choices might be in their future.

This musical event was our first Winter Concert held in the Lanier Middle School Auditorium.  The children loved performing on the big stage and being able to look out at their families in the stadium-style seating. And, of course, all of the grown-ups appreciated the much better parking situation!

One of our two Band teachers, Ms. Ammirati, shared with me that “the band has 117 members who play flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba and percussion. Mr. Rosa and I were very pleased with their first performance of the year and are excited to see them develop their skills for our final concert in June.”

Providence music teacher, Mrs. Key, was so happy after the Chorus sang! “I keep hearing ‘Keep Your Lamps!’ in my head.  The singers were very engaged in their performance.  The instrumentalists for ‘Keep Your Lamps!’  gave up their recess time to learn and perfect their parts; they definitely added to the success of the performance.  Overall, I must say that It was a wonderful experience for me personally to have the opportunity to work with such dedicated and fine young musicians!”

A very special “Thank You” goes out to Dee Bradee. Ms. Bradee is the Choral Director at Lanier MS. She graciously set up the stage and the sound system for us. In addition, Ms. Bradee warmed up our 90 choral students which gave them a little glimpse of what participating in chorus in middle school will be like!  Thanks to everyone for attending and participating in our Winter Concert!!



In other news:  40 parents came out to hear from Dr. Derek Cabrera & Dr. Laura Colosi at our Thinking Skills Parent Workshop on Wednesday night.  Folks, I loved your questions and passion for this, and I’m glad that both school and home are getting educated on the importance of teaching kids about thinking!  One of your questions was “how do I get started?” and I promised to leverage this blog as often as possible to highlight how we’re approaching this at school.  Keep in mind that Providence teachers have just begun this journey so we’re not experts yet – but we’ll get there!

So, as promised, some things to keep you thinking and get you started with Patterns of Thinking:

Their website:  http://www.idsrp.com/index.html

This has info, links to their YouTube videos, and their Facebook page.  You’ll find that some of the resources are written for a teacher audience, but don’t be deterred!

We videotaped their presentation on Wednesday, and you can view it on Blackboard.  You may use your Parent View account or your child’s account.  Go to Mr. Borhauer’s Advanced Academics site, and you’ll see it.  Note: It’s over an hour long so it may take a while to load, depending on your system at home.

Finally, here’s some 5th graders using the Think Blocks to show the different perspectives of two astronomers: Copernicus and Ptolemy.  It’s a little hard to see what they’re doing, but hopefully it’ll give you a sense of how they made models to structure the info they learned in class.  Enjoy!  More later.


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