What Do “Running” and “Mothers” Have In Common?

I am glad you asked!

“Running” and “Mothers” have been on everyone’s mind here as two of our biggest highlights this week at Providence. Our fantastic physical education department has started a running program for the whole school this week, and this program has motivated students to run more than I have ever seen! To help students stay in shape, all kids are given the opportunity to run laps on our track at recess, and record these laps on a Running Card. As you walk through the school, you can see Running Cards proudly taped to desks, and hear students sharing running stories with their friends. At the end of the school year, the physical education teachers will tally all of the cards and graph our results by grade level so the students can see all they have accomplished.

Mothers! From Kindergarten all the way through sixth grade Providence kids are creating Mother’s Day tributes to share this weekend. Kindergarteners are drawing pictures of their own Marvelous Moms and fourth graders are writing notes attached to a replica of their mom. Fifth graders are making “A Bouquet of Wishes” incorporating writing and artistic creativity. It’s sweet to see that even 5th graders are not too grown-up for a little project like this to show their moms just how much they are loved!!

Have a great weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Providence Moms.



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