Rainy on the Outside, Sunny on the Inside





Parents, I hope you know that heavy rains, dreary skies and school cancelations have not dampened any hopes and dreams over here at school!  We had a terrific first week (all 3 days of it), and we’re going to have many great days ahead.

Thursday’s dismissal is worth noting.  Many of your streets were flooded, and buses were clearly going to be late.  Some crazy Fairfax resident was tubing on route 50 (that’s true, btw – search YouTube).  But despite all of that, we had parents cooperating at Kiss & Ride, encouraging bus drivers, and giving conditions reports to our office.  Those who picked up their children did it quickly to make room for us to stage groups of kids.  Mrs. Spitz even brought an extra umbrella to offer to our walkers.

And our staff stepped up!   They were supervising crowds, reassuring kids and parents, and entertaining nervous kindergarteners who were worrying that they’d have to sleep at school because their bus was so late.  And to our new patrols – all I can say is WOW!  You got yourselves drenched, but you truly took care of business.  And all of the adult help in the world wouldn’t be enough for 900 students.  Your help made a world of difference (if you’re the parent of a safety patrol, please show your child this blog post).  Thank you.

Sunnier days are ahead. Back to School Nights next week.  An incredible workshop for parents on teaching thinking skills is coming the following week.  Schedule here and in the Panther Press on Tuesday.

Please keep smiling.  We are!


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