Cartwheels and Consumers

After being away from the building this week several days for a professional conference in NC, I returned to Providence today excited to be back with students and staff.  There is always something meaningful going on around here, but today, our students went beyond what mere mortals are used to observing on what seemed to them to be just another ordinary day in their world. 

In the morning, I went to our PE classes in the gym to find what seemed like an Olympic gym with participants preparing for world class events.  Assessments, practice, and feats of great strength and balance were occurring everywhere.


In the afternoon, I got word that the 2nd grade team was descending upon the cafeteria for their “Market Day”.  Students, both producers and consumers, displayed their goods that they proudly made by hand as other students shopped with their school money to pick out items that caught their eye.  You would not have believed the hum of excitement and focus as students used their math and economic skills to reinforce their social studies content. 

Much hard work done by students and teachers alike…I was doing cartwheels to be back at PES consuming the great learning that was going on!

-Mr. E


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