Week 1 – 2012-13

Welcome Back!   Or, if you’re new to us, Welcome to Providence!

This is a fantastic school (nonbiased opinion), with amazing kids, caring and skilled teachers, and a parent community that we love to partner with.  Since this is our first blog post of the year, I want to explain a few things for first-time visitors:

 1.  The Principal’s Blog is not intended to be our newsletter.  Information about   special events, critical dates, and school and FCPS information come from our official newsletter, The Panther Press each month.  A paper copy of The Panther Press will go home in next week’s Tuesday Folders and an electronic version will be posted on the PES website.  The Blog is for those who want a different information about school.  We use it to highlight day to day learning, fun moments, observations, and our insights into the work that we do.  Our hope is that by reading it each week, you’ll get a better sense of who we are as a school.

2.  We post each Friday, and we’ll link the new post to our Facebook page.

3.  Feel free to leave a comment here or on FB.


 Now let’s talk about Week 1.  It’s hard to believe that students have only been back for four days!  Sure, there’s been a whole lot of work on procedures and routines, organizing of supplies, talking about rules, and practicing of transitions.   It’s necessary, but it isn’t always fun.  But I was thrilled to walk around this week and see several examples of great thinking and learning.  From the Hercules beetle in Mrs. Strubhar’s room today to the mind-blowing math problems that 4th graders were working on.  Then there was the “Quality Talk” lessons in 5th grade, the Chinese lessons in 1st-6th, and so much more.  As much as we take slow steps to get set up for a great year, we also really hit the ground running!

 The truth is, we knew it would be a special year before the bell even rang for arrival on Tuesday.  If you were in the line to walk your child to their classroom that day, you know what I’m talking about.   We’ve always had parents come out for the first day, but never like this.  It looked like a line for a concert, and stretched from the front door to the makeshift parking lot on the fields.  Hundreds of smiles, all in a row.   And a great sign of the year ahead.

 Have a great weekend!  Looking forward to the next 10 months.



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