A good time was had by all…


Our STEM Family Night on Monday was a huge success, and we are very thankful for everyone who came out. It was a blast to see our children and parents have such a great time with the activities, and I know the kids enjoyed sharing the STEM experience with their parents. The team of teachers who put the night together did a terrific job, and we really appreciate their efforts.

Two little things stood out to me Monday night. First, it is fantastic to see kids, parents, and teachers sharing a laugh and some good thinking together, on the Monday night after a long weekend. I know it is a struggle to get back to work on a regular Monday, but once again, we proved that at Providence, we get back up to full speed quickly. I also really enjoyed the raffle at the end of the evening. I love the way our students were excited about the wonderful prizes, but appropriate and appreciative even when they didn’t win. There were high fives, cheers, and applause for the winners, and everyone went home in good spirits.

Thanks to all for making the evening a success!


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