Farewell, Mrs. Mirabile!

Today, PES said goodbye and congratulations to PE teacher extraordinaire, Mrs. Chris Mirabile. Mrs. Mirbile is retiring from FCPS and her last day was today. She’s done a lot of awesome things in her time at PES. She overhauled our Field Day and improved it dramatically, bringing in new games and a structure for the day that maximized actual playtime. She worked with Mr. B to implement the group dance units in grades 3-6 (believe it or not, these units, which require collaboration and perseverance, were precursors to our STEM Engineering units), and she instituted our popular Running Club, which promotes running laps during recess.

Kids and teachers appreciate all of this, but we’ll remember her big laugh and joyful approach to her job most of all. She will absolutely be missed!

Because Mrs. Mirabile started her career in FCPS on April 1 some years ago, she retires on the same date. She has exciting plans for the next phase of her life, and the PES Family wishes her all the best.

Happy Spring Break!


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